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French and German – In Slow Mo

January 24, 2012

Gelnhausen, Germany at night

I always love a good foreign film or a radio station from afar to give me that true slice-of-life feeling, but when I end up spending more time reading the English subtitles or daydreaming through the blur of voices it’s time to slow it down.  And I’m not talking about slowing it down in the style of the now classic ‘Scarlet Takes a Tumble’ video. Read more…


Celeb Inspiration: Donna Summer Speaks German

January 20, 2012

Learn Your French for Free, Part Deux

January 18, 2012

Le Louvre in Paris by Julien Fromentin

More French (and German) fun carried on from Part Un.  The first installment covered the important phrases for newbies and the slang speakers, now I’ve got some free tools for the scholars and gamers. Read more…

Learn Your French for Free, Part Un

January 16, 2012

Paris cafe at Place du Terte

Sometimes you just need to change up the practice, do an exercise or two in short bursts, quickly learn a new word to keep the interest up or whatever else.  The fastest, cheapest way possible is online. Read more…

Celeb Inspiration: Eddie Izzard Speaks French

January 6, 2012

Travel: The Ultimate in Language Learning

January 4, 2012

Set some goals this year and make one of them to see more of the world.  I consistently find that when I travel, I learn languages much quicker and cement them to memory much better.  The repetition of hearing the most common words in context over and over again can really push you past any learning plateau and re-spark your excitement for the language. Read more…

20 Quotes for Foreign Language Learners

January 3, 2012

Eiffel Tower at New Year

Kicking off the New Year with 20 quotes dedicated to the excitement and wonder that a new language brings about. Read more…