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Vicarious Living Through Ex-Pats: France

January 25, 2012

Girl in Paris looking at the Eiffel Tower

There are quite a few ex-pat blogs out there, but one that I really like is ‘A Life in Translation.’  I like that it’s real and doesn’t hide the crappy experiences of living abroad.  American author Jamie doesn’t update much on her life in Paris, but when she does its funny, entertaining and let’s you in, via a tiny peephole, on the glorious, the horrendous and the hideous of life in a strange country.

Here’s a snippet from a recent post entitled, This Post Got Out of Control and I’m Sorry For All the Violence’ documenting her trip to Starbucks to order her usual iced coffee:

“Then, I have to tell my order to the cashier, but I leave the “iced” part out, because it’s just not necessary. It’s the same price. After I pay, I go to wait in the clusterfuck that is the line of people waiting for their drinks. I hand my receipt to the barista and she gives me a hot caramel macchiato, which is wrong. I say to her, “Glacé! Pardon!” and does she say, “Désolé!” and make me a new drink? No, she glares at me with eyes intended to make me whimper and drink the hot coffee I don’t want. She yells something to the poor cashier that didn’t even take my order and sighs audibly while pouring out the macchiato into the sink. I can actually hear her eyes rolling in complete and utter disgust and annoyance.”

As dreamy as living all over the world sounds, reality can be a bitch.  But I’ve yet to meet someone who regrets their time living abroad.  Maybe it’s just the masochistic that take the leap.

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