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French and German – In Slow Mo

January 24, 2012

Gelnhausen, Germany at night

I always love a good foreign film or a radio station from afar to give me that true slice-of-life feeling, but when I end up spending more time reading the English subtitles or daydreaming through the blur of voices it’s time to slow it down.  And I’m not talking about slowing it down in the style of the now classic ‘Scarlet Takes a Tumble’ video.


There are actually great resources out there where news is read in foreign languages at a slower pace, not just the audio slowed down.  To help give me context, I listened to ‘News in Slow English’ to see just how much slower they’re speaking and found that there are parts that are exaggerated, but for the most part, the speed wasn’t ridiculous.  If you were to speak at the “slow” pace as you learn, you wouldn’t necessarily sound like you were shot with a horse tranquilizer.

For German, Deutsche Welle news actually has a section dedicated to helping language learners.  They take their recent broadcasts and just speak slower and with clear enunciation.

For the French learners, News in Slow French also takes recent broadcasts and speak in a way that you can actually start to recognize liaisons.  I know there is News in Slow for Spanish as well, so if any other language piques your interest, there might already be a slow version out there.  Unless it’s Klingon.  For that you’ll need “The Klingon Teacher from Germany”:

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