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Learn Your French for Free, Part Deux

January 18, 2012

Le Louvre in Paris by Julien Fromentin

More French (and German) fun carried on from Part Un.  The first installment covered the important phrases for newbies and the slang speakers, now I’ve got some free tools for the scholars and gamers.

For the Scholars:

If you’re interested in becoming somewhat fluent, then good old flashcards will have to come out once in a while. is a cute little site, complete with a cartoon of a mustachioed French man in a beret, that covers everything from word and sentence practice to writing exercises and listening opportunities, which you can then obviously repeat for some speaking practice.

The site requires you to create a login, but it’s completely free for the basic account and takes about 8 seconds.  They even have the service for 11 other languages including German (*scroll down at the link and you’ll see all the languages available).

For the Gamers:

Study Stack is fantastic because it offers flashcards plus 12 other ways of learning the vocabulary.  It’s a blend of scholars and gamers.  From the main site, choose your language, and then pick a lesson from the long list.  From there it’s your choice of classic flashcards, hangman, crosswords, unscramble, note taking and more.

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