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Travel: The Ultimate in Language Learning

January 4, 2012

Set some goals this year and make one of them to see more of the world.  I consistently find that when I travel, I learn languages much quicker and cement them to memory much better.  The repetition of hearing the most common words in context over and over again can really push you past any learning plateau and re-spark your excitement for the language.

Check out the Top 100 Most Common French Words and the Top 20 Most-Used German Verbs.

A favorite travel site of mine is Matador Network, an independent travel hub filled with tips, tricks, stories, lessons and more.  You won’t be booking a flight through them, but you can check out their channels and narrow down to your specific locales of interest to learn endless bits of insider info.

The French section has everything from ‘How to move to Paris with no money’ and ‘Green guide to Paris’ to ‘Hamster Hotel: A playground for the sexually subversive?’

Paris, France taken by James Whitesmith

The German guide offers up articles that include ‘The 10 wildest places to party in Berlin’ and ‘Wunderland Kalkar: Nuclear power plant turned amusement park.’

Berlin, Germany dance club

There comes a point when you just have to take the plunge and go where the natives are.  Happy planning!

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