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December 28, 2011

Le Metro in Paris

I mentioned how has a fun little page dedicated to native pronunciations of French and Italian designers.  Obviously that won’t get you far in a conversation on the street about how to get to the next stop on le Métro.

For quick bits of information, must-know words, a re-hash of what I already know or tips to help me get through the sticky parts of my latest lessons in French, I head back to  My friend Amanda, who moved to Quebec a year ago and has been immersed in French lessons alongside me, turned me on to the service.

It’s the Free French Lessons, which can either be read at their site or delivered via email in a newsletter format.  I admit, a lot of the times I just let them collect in a dedicated folder within my email, but when I do have some spare moments I’ll sift through them and test my knowledge.  Thank Zeus that French is so super common dedicated an entire structured lesson plan to it.

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