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When Life Gets Too Busy to Study French and German

December 19, 2011

Paris' Arc de Triomphe via Lonely Planet

As absolutely inspiring as this picture is, there are times when I just can’t squeeze in my French and German practice.  In an ideal world I’d study a little bit every single day, but as it is I aim for two days of French and two days of German a week.  At almost two hours per lesson that’s nearing about eight hours of my week, so it’s no surprise times like the holidays make it extra hard.

During busy days I swap out the heavy-duty lessons with shorter ear training sessions like radio and YouTube.  A plus to using my Fluenz program is that they include a CD to listen to and podcasts to download.  And the best part of getting overrun with life is that the switch to ear training is usually a much needed brain break and a good way to push past any learning plateaus.

And honestly, I’ll use anything I can get when I know I can’t get a lesson in.  Hell, even ‘House Hunters International’ in Paris works for me.  At the very least it gives me a chance to read snippets of French while learning about how even the futon-sized attic spaces that are up for rent in the outskirt ghettos of Paris are way out of my budget range.  Hooray!

Paris bedroom in Champollion

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