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M. Guy-Man or, How I learned to Stop Struggling and Learn the French Language

November 6, 2011

Daft Punk in Paris

Once upon a time, I actually didn’t care at all about France.  I even traveled to Paris with a friend as we backpacked through Europe during my Easter Holiday whilst living in merry old England.  However, that hop over to Paris was a total afterthought. 

We hit up various cities in northern Italy, checked out the bathhouses of Budapest (by that point I hadn’t shaved anything, anywhere in more than awhile and I proudly showcased that fur in a bikini – travel really does make you stronger !), listened to an intimate concert in Prague and ran wild through London Town.  Only last minute did we book a train over to Paris.  Even then my visions of Paris were something akin to this completely realistic Hollywood poster:

Midnight in Paris movie poster

Though Paris was underwhelming compared to the expectations Hollywood set, I still did like it.  Notice like it.  I touristed, I went home.  It wasn’t until a bit later on that I finally gave in to the power of French house duo Daft Punk – and if you read any of their fan sites they really do have a power over people – that I finally found my French infatuation.

Maybe it was a bit of Guillaume-Manuel of Daft Punk and the fact that he mostly sticks to his native tongue in interviews or maybe it was a delayed love for Paris years after my trip.  Yeah, it was mostly Guy-Man and the fact that I couldn’t understand Daft Punk.  And the more I couldn’t understand it, the more I wanted to.  Call it my Taurus stubborn streak.  Interview example number one (there’s actually only one interview example) :

172 Amazon reviews later I settled on the Fluenz language learning software and have never looked back.  In fact, I love that program so much I would murder a family of carrots to get a job there.  Ish just got serious.

Fluenz French still

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