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How a Foreigner Hears English

October 30, 2011

Friends talking over coffee and dessert

Kicking off the blog with a novice’s point of view.  I came across a Matador article with a video of a short film called “Skwerl” where two non-English speaking actors faked their way through a couple scenes in “English.”  Interestingly, English does creep into the conversation in weird ways.  Probably because they’ve been exposed to enough American culture throughout their lives to have picked up random words.  See how much of the conversation you can understand then rank your level of crazy below:

The Crazy Ranks:

Understood it all perfectly – LIAR.  You’re crazy like a sociopath.

Understood the swear words – Hooray! You’re crazy like Tuong Lu Kim, owner of South Park’s City Wok, and frequent unintentional swearer.  The best kind of crazy.

Understood nothing – Oh noes, your crazy level flat lined.  We may need to sit you down for a very special episode of Barney and Friends’ “Seeing and Hearing.”

The whole thing just reminds me of my own limited French and German.  With less than a year of practice under my belt, I have a couple phrases that I like to throw around in a loop when I want to pretend I’m fluent.  Not too unlike these “fluent” Kiwis…“où est la bibliothèque?  Voilà mon passeport.”

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